Lyra Pore

Lyra Pore-Villafana once thought that when she grew up, she would become a broadcast journalist. Years after graduating from the UP College of Mass Communication, however, she would find herself writing for the business section of The Manila Times then editing the Philippine edition of Entrepreneur magazine. Today, Lyra is an editor in the Australian office of a multinational publishing company.

Lyra juggles her time between her career and her family. Each day sees her trying to strike some work-life balance. She gets up between five and six in the morning, gets herself and her children ready for the day, drives her daughters to the child care center, catches the train to work, spends the whole day¬†coordinating with authors, and editing manuscript, gets home just in time for dinner, puts her youngest child to sleep, and tries to get as much washing, ironing, and tidying up in between. Her days are crazy, but she’s one happy working mom who will not have it any other way.