Ruth Floresca

Ruth Manimtim-Floresca is a work-at-home mom to four boys and wife to a loving husband with a great sense of humor. She is a staunch advocate of children’s welfare and education, social justice, and the environment. She says she mostly owes whatever writing talents she has to all the years she spent poring over books since she first learned how to read.

She is an alumna of U.P Rural High School and finished a BS Development Communication degree from the University of the Philippines in Los Banos. Her first job was at a government agency where she wrote for farming and agricultural magazines as well as the speeches of the bureau’s director. Her first paid article, published in Good Housekeeping in 2002, paved the way for succeeding articles in other magazines such as Smart Parenting and other Summit Media publications. Eventually, she was also asked to contribute articles for other magazines like Health Today, Moms Today, and MoneySense; newspapers like the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Manila Bulletin; and websites such as and

At the moment, aside from her regular writing assignments, Ruth finds it fun to blog about various things she finds interesting such as theater plays, movies, and food. She also loves going on “dates” with her husband which are, most of the time, just quick trips to the supermarket. Visit to read more of her stories.