Starting a Business

Steps in Business Registration

1. DTI-BTRCP Registration 

It is necessary to register your business with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCP) because you will gain the exclusive right to establish and use your business name. It also offers protection from those could take advantage of your name. These government agencies see to it that there is no duplication in the use of names.


2. Barangay Clearance 

The Local Government Code requires all local businesses to register at the barangay level. This is easy to do and a minimal fee is required.

3. Registration with the Local Government 

Permits and licenses required to ensure that standards are met and that businesses comply with the specific requirements of the business locale.
Business Permit and License

Requirements for Business Permit

  1. Locational Clearance Prior to Business Permit. (New Applicants & Change of Business Address ONLY)
  2. Lease Contract between the Lessor and the Lessee. If Leased, attach Mayor’s Permit registration of the building owner/landlord as a Real Estate Lessor. If not, Lease Contract between the Lessee and the Sub-Lessee with conformity of the Owner of the Building Administration. If owned, transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) or Tax Declaration (xerox copy). (New Applicants & Change of Business Address ONLY)
  3.  Business Name Registration with the Department of Trade and Industry (for sole proprietorship.) (New Applicants ONLY)
  4. Article of Incorporations Partneship (approved by S.E.C.) (New Applicants ONLY)
  5. Barangay Clearance.
  6. Public Liability Insurance.
  7. Financial Statement of Assets and Liabilities / B.I.R. Income Tax Return. (For Renewal ONLY)
  8. Resident Certificate A and B for Single Proprietorship, C and C1 for Corporation.
  9. Other Special Permits depending on the type of business.


Location Clearance

Locational Clearance Prior to Building Permit

Who should Apply?

  1. All lot owners who intend to construct a structure in their respective properties, and
  2. All tenants of buildings/structures who intend to do some renovations.

What are the Requirements?

  1. Completely filled-up application form for building permit;
  2. Five (5) sets of architectural plan (Signed and sealed).
  3. Barangay Clearance;
  4. Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT);
  5. Latest payment of real property tax;
  6. Computation of Floor Area Ratio (FAR), for construction of structures where density is limited by a maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR); and
  7. Notarized authorization for the person following up the application.

Locational Clearance Prior to Business Permit

Who should Apply?

  1. All business owners who intend to open a business, and
  2. All business owners who have existing business permit but intends to transfer to a new location

What are the Requirements?

  1. Completely filled-up and notarized application form for business permit;
  2. Barangay Clearance;
  3. DTI/SEC Registration;
  4. Occupancy Permit;
  5. If owner,
    a. Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT);
    b. Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT), if location is a unit in a building/condominium; and
    c. Latest payment of real property tax;
  6. If leasee, Lease Contract;
  7. If no renovation was done in the structure, a notarized affidavit executed by the owner of the building/structure attesting to the fact that no major renovation was really done; and
  8. Notarized authorization for the person following up the application.

Barangay Micro Business Enterprise

1. B.I.R. Registration – The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) will furnish your business with its own tax identification number and the authority to print receipts, invoices, etc.

2. SSS Registration – The Social Security System offers your employees many benefits. It also benefits you, as employer, in cases of employees’ disability or death.

3. DOLE Registration – Registering with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is required for businesses with 5 or more workers.

4. PHILHEALTH – Securing membership in the government health care benefits system.

5. Local electric utility firms for companies locating in non-MERALCO franchise area; Manila Electric Co. (MERALCO) – Securing electric services connection for business in MERALCO franchise area.

6. Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) for firms locating outside Metro Manila – Securing Water services. Maynilad Water Company and/or Manila Water Company for firms locating in Metro Manila.

7. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT), Bayantel, Digitel, Smart and Globelines – Securing Telephone services connection.

8. Registration with other offices – You may be required to register with other agencies of government, depending on your type of business. Some examples are the Bureau of Food and Drug, Garment and Textile Board, Department of Tourism, Philippine National Police.