Women of today are very active in various industries. They play a huge part in the working class as well. Meanwhile, there are also those who choose to become housewives and take care of their growing children. These types of women lead very busy lives; and of course, they deserve some fun and enjoyment every once in a while. What better way to do so by finding a new hobby?
We have a prepared list of hobbies geared for the adventurous and explorative woman!

  1. Biking

    This hobby requires you to have your own road bike but even so, it’s a great investment! It allows you to explore your neighborhood and at the same time you can get some exercise. Try this with your family, special someone or with your friends! Bike around your neighborhood or as far as your bike can go. It will guarantee your adventurous soul a lot of fun!
  2. Hiking

    This hobby can be done during your free weekends and vacations. Join a hiking group or form your own and go back to see the beauty of Mother Nature! You’ll get to discover a lot of things and what better way to end your hiking experience with a nice sunset right?
  3. Acting

    Who says that being adventurous is only limited to the outdoors? If you’ve always had the talent or the passion for acting and currently missing it, it’s never too late! There are available adult acting classes that cater your busy schedule. Besides improving your acting skills, it will surely give you a boost at your communication skills and confidence.
  4. Photography

    No, you won’t be needing an expensive DSLR camera to shoot great photos. Be it your next trip, a craft you made or something you’ve eaten, surely someone will appreciate them! With the apparent rise of social media, specifically Instagram, you can share with your followers your adventures and give them the taste of what it feels like.
  5. Cooking or Baking

    Explore your kitchen! Whether you’re good at cooking or you simply love to eat, this hobby is perfect. If you’re already good at cooking, why not try learning a new cuisine? Put a twist to a basic recipe or better yet, create your own.
  6. Camping

    So there’s hiking in the list but of course, why not go the extra mile by spending overnight in a campsite? Experience the use of survival skills like making a campfire and enjoy some peace and quiet, far from the busy environment of the city.
  7. Wine Tasting

    Sounds fancy and sophisticated but if your taste buds are in for an adventure of some good wine then it’s nice to indulge once in a while with the company some good friends. Join a local wine club and look for wine tasting events in stores and hotels near you. You can learn about different varieties and how each are made. Who knows, you might be hosting your own wine tasting session in the future!
  8. Wall Climbing

    This is another whole body exercise that can greatly strengthen your core but at the same time, strengthens your mental abilities. As you climb, you calculate what your next steps will be to get you faster up to the top without wasting too much energy. There are several indoor wall climbing facilities now in the city where you get tutorials on the basics for a minimal fee.
  9. Gardening

    If you were born with a green thumb, a love for plants and some space at your place then decorate it with a variety of potted plants, flowers or even vegetables! Not only will it provide your home will clean air and some color but the hobby is said to be very therapeutic. You can take pride in being able to skillfully grow healthy plants.

  10. Volunteering for Charity

    While volunteering is not merely just a hobby, it is something definitely worth starting. Various places are in need of volunteer work especially places that were hit by calamities. Being able to commit your time for the betterment of other people’s welfare is a very fulfilling experience.

It is never too late to start something new. As many say, life is a continuous learning experience. For women whose souls are in want of adventure, give these hobbies a try! Reward yourself once in a while, ask a friends or two to join and lastly, don’t forget to enjoy!

Featured Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash

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