Smart Superwomen Book Series

Smart Superwomen Book Series

I’ve always believed in the power of stories. Countless life stories of different people have inspired me throughout my student life and career. Through story-telling, people get to realize that if he/she was able to do it, I can do it too.

This is why I’ve always dreamt of creating a platform for women to tell the stories of their success in career, business, family and other walks of life. At first, I wanted to showcase them in a blog, which brought me to create this website and, but I figured it’s not enough. Then, I thought of a radio show when Inquirer Radio invited me to put up one. But I realized that there is another way that I can inspire more women – books.

I have decided to come up with a book series called SMART SUPERWOMEN. This book series will serve as an avenue for women who are successful in their own fields inspire others to be successful as well.

The first book lined up is called WHAT IS THE RIGHT BUSINESS FOR ME? AND OTHER ENTREPRENEURIAL QUESTIONS ANSWERED.  This book targets women who aspire to be entrepreneurs. In this book, the most common questions about starting a business will be answered by successful women entrepreneurs and myself. This book will also provide tips about marketing, human resources, choosing the best location for a business and a many more.

The second book to be published is STRATEGIES OF SMART SUPERWOMEN. This is a collection of real-life stories of entrepreneurs, educators, housewives, corporate workers, Presidents/CEOs, public servants and other women from different industries. This book aims to teach the readers how to be the best in what they do, no matter what their choice of career is.

These are just two of many other books I want to publish for this series. I’m excited to share the amazing tales of Smart Superwomen who deserve recognition for all their courage and hard work.

Cheers to all women out there!

Rossana L. Llenado