By Rossana Llenado


I always get nervous when asked to speak in front of a group of people. I know that I’ve done it many times before but I still get nervous.

Last week, I met with a group of bloggers, and though I was initially scared, it took me no time to get comfortable. It helped that a lot of them were also parents. It also helped that I got to talk about something that I am so excited about right now, which is our attempt to break into the international market with Ahead Interactive.

Think you’re the only parent who has gone crazy helping his child with his homework? Well, you are not alone! Parents the world over have been confounded by math equations and past participles—and that is, after having worked at the office the whole day.

Through our smart and capable Filipino teachers, we’d like to be of service to tired, stressed-out parents. Through Ahead Interactive, we can provide real-time tutoring services to children across the globe. Mom and Dad can have some rest while their child finishes his homework. Afterwards, they can all spend some quality time together—maybe by taking a walk around the park or watching a movie. Initially, we’re looking at providing our services to families in California.

This is what makes my work very exciting. There’s always something new and fresh going on.