By  Jane Santos-Guinto


Epiphany has got to be one of my favorite words.  Directly translated from Greek epiphaneia, it means “Vision of God.” It’s also the ‘formal name’ of the Feast of the 3 Kings, which is celebrated on the first Sunday after the New Year.  In lay man’s (secular) terms, epiphany is a sudden realization–brought about by an inspiring moment, a burst of intuition, or possibly for others, by booze.

Epiphany can come in the unlikeliest of places, the most inconvenient of times.  Among my best epiphanies have come while driving along the congested roads of Quezon City (the Philippines’ largest) and at home at two or three in the morning.

These past months I’ve been praying for new epiphanies.  You see, I’ve been finding it pretty hard to be 30.  My normally busy thoughts border on insane sometimes. I’ve questioned and questioned. And I’ve answered and answered.

Finally, after practically two weeks of hibernation (translated: mental torture), I’ve been led to the following “manifestations:”

(1)  I can never be a housewife.  I can only do housework if and only when I am happy with my “real” job.

(2) I can express my love to my husband, my mom, my sister, my grandparents, and to everyone else around me in a deeper, truer way when I am really happy with myself and what I’m doing.

(3) I want to write and speak about God.

One of my creative writing professors told me that reflective writing isn’t creative writing. For a long time, I held this as fact.  But then, who can outdo us in creativity but the Creator Himself?

I’m hoping this blog’s readers aren’t my professor’s ‘disciples’.