By Karen Galarpe

It’s been a year since I went back to the gym, and throughout the past months, I get a kick whenever I would put on my special white shirt, hit the treadmill, and afterward lift those 5-pound dumbbells.

The special shirt is just a simple white tee given by my close friend Nancy, and it says “Super Mom.” It comes with its own S logo, much like the one in Superman’s costume.

Me, Super Mom? Yeah.

I’ll be the first to admit, though, that I’m no perfect mom.

I can’t cook well, nurture a plant, crochet, sew clothes, change a lightbulb, fix a leaking pipe, or patch a hole in the roof. I don’t even know how to make my own pesto sauce.

But I can make tacos (using taco seasoning mix), bring my son to school and pick him up when I can, workout beside him, try out new restaurants with him, and never leave his side at the hospital when he’s sick.

I can’t remember to buy all the things on my grocery list in my head, or remember the brand of batteries he prefers. But I can search for the perfect suit within our budget for prom night, and remember to have mosquito repellent and hand sanitizer available at all times.

I can’t teach him how to drive (he learned from others), but I can be there with him for any school activity: card-giving, PTC, program, family day, etc.

I can’t be all, or do all. But I can do some, and do it well.

I’m not perfect (only God is), but I’m one who would like to do her best (“be super”) in everything with God’s help.

I know many moms may feel the same way — we’re a bunch of Super Moms!

As Mother’s Day draws near, here’s a toast to all you Super Moms out there. We’re cool. We’re super!