By Ruth Manimtim-Floresca

If you are familiar with The Corrs, you probably know their hit song where the lyrics go, “And it really doesn’t matter if we don’t eat, and it really doesn’t matter if we never sleep … ‘cause we are so young now, we are so young, so young, now …”

I could very well identify with those sentiments. There were a lot of times during my college days and after graduation when I also felt invulnerable. I could spend a whole night talking with friends or walking around the campus under the pouring rain without getting sick. Back then, I could push myself hard and bounce back after just a few hours of rest.

Not anymore. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of protest from my bones, my muscles, and even my skin! The other day, I interviewed the CEO of a company that carries beauty and wellness products. There, I was offered to have my facial skin analyzed using a high-tech machine that takes photos of one’s face in high definition.

The beauty consultant showed me the pictures one by one using an LED screen. I found myself squirming and grimacing as she started zooming in on each problem area. She said my skin is dehydrated, I have slightly enlarged pores, there are already fine wrinkles around my eyes, and I have lots of pigmentation. She advised me how to prevent the conditions from getting worse and, for the first time, I really paid attention. It’s not every day I get to see all my skin’s imperfections flashed larger than life on a computer monitor! And it was hard not to wonder how bad things could get if I don’t take care of my skin while it can still be saved.

A lot of women won’t acknowledge it but, deep down, we are vain. Admit it; many of us avoid revealing our age when the number goes past 25. We also show a lot of interest when new health and beauty products come out promising to make us look more youthful and give them test runs as much as our budget allows. That’s something most men can’t comprehend but which we, females, understand well. After all, knowing we look presentable draws out that inner confidence that makes our steps lighter and our heads held higher.

Now, I’m trying to pay more attention to what I eat, what activities I engage in, and what products I use on my body. I’m not actually searching for the fountain of youth but I do want to stay healthy inside and out because I’d like to remain strong as long as possible and have many years more with my family. I believe those are good enough reasons to really start living, and not just thinking about, a healthier lifestyle.

Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash